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What happens when a Shaman, a Minister, and a Psychic Medium get together? They create a podcast, of course.  Magical Mystical Journeys explores the hidden world of spirits, angels, guides, Beings, energies, and more.

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Meet your Co-Hosts

Katy Valentine

Katy is an ordained minister, New Testament scholar, and metaphysical practitioner!

If you have been longing to understand metaphysics WITH your Christian journey -- not apart from it -- then you are invited to join Katy's FB group of over 6,000 people asking the same questions that you do! Join The Metaphysical Christian by clicking here.

Katy also has oodles of options for exploring your faith journey, and she'd love to companion you along the way. Just get started by sending her an email and telling her what's going on in your life so that she can help you get started with the right step for YOU:

Amy Renee Kraus

Amy Renee is a Shamanic Practitioner & Soul Alignment Guide. It is her mission to INSPIRE & AWAKEN YOU TO YOUR TRUE SELF AND HIGHER PURPOSE.

When we take that first step toward remembering our wholeness by challenging our old patterns, really tuning into our senses, and expressing our humanness, we begin to make a shift, and the truth of who we are is revealed. As you tend your garden, you will begin to see the gifts and power your uniqueness can offer.

Uncover and Experience what is uniquely needed for you... clairity, transformation, peace, healing, connection, joy, aliveness, and infinitely more! .

Andrea St. Amand

Andrea St. Amand is an evidential psychic medium.

She offers healing readings that unite you with your departed loved ones, including pets, and psychic readings that uncover your core energetic gifts to realign you with your truest nature.

She has been a professional ballerina and a partner in a law firm, and is passionate about connecting people to their own imagination, their sacred souls and to the eternal love of the spirit world. Find her at



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